Brochures and downloads

  Gletscherpark Logo
Gletscherpark logo  (JPG)
  Summer panorama, Gletscherpark 2016
Panorama (1 MB, JPG)
  Gletscherpark 2017
Plan folder pdf (8 MB) 
  Kaunertal Glacier Road brochure 2016
Street brochure (3 MB, PDF)
  Fendels  Summer 2015
Brochure (3MB, PDF)  
  Kauni children
Kauni (JPG)
  Pitztal Summer 2017
Pitztal Summer brochure (7 MB, PDF)
  Chapel of white light
Brochure for download (English - PDF)

Brochures of our Kaunertal partners in german

  Mountain and ski guide
Folder (german, PDF)
  Nature park Kaunertgrat
Nature park folder (german, PDF)
Summer folder 'exploring activity' 2015 - TVB Kaunertal
Summer folder 'exploring activity' (german, 6 MB, PDF)
Children's program summer 2015 - TVB Kaunertal
'Draussen Hausen' Folder (german, 2 MB, PDF)
Activities summer 2015- TVB Kaunertal
Summer 2015  (german, PDF)

Brochures of our Pitztal partners in german

Summer panorama Pitztal - TVB Pitztal
Panorama Pitztal (german, PDF)
Summer Guide - TVB Pitztal
Summer Guide Pitztal (PDF)
Summer active 2015 - TVB Pitztal
Summer program (german, PDF)
Summer brochure mountain guide Bergführerbüro Pitztal
Summer brochure Bergführerbüro Pitztal (german, PDF)


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Learn interesting facts about the work at the Pitztal Glacier.

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